CSR Initiatives

Creating an environment where both companies and society can grow

We formulated the KOIKE SANGYO corporate creed and code of conduct in 2010, the year prior to the 100th anniversary of our foundation, and then set out our CSR guidelines.
We will follow these guidelines and principles to deliver even more sustainable development for contributing to all stakeholders.

CSR Guidelines

Ⅰ.Human Rights and Labor

1.Prohibiting forced labor and child labor

2.Prohibiting inhumane treatment and discrimination

3.Ensuring proper wages and working hours

4.Protecting whistle blowers

Ⅱ.Safety and Hygiene

1.Safety and hygiene in the workplace

2.Health management

Ⅲ.Environment and Quality

Adhering to the Environment and Quality Management Manual

Ⅳ.Fair Trade and Ethics

1.Prohibiting corruption, bribes and inappropriate profit sharing and receipt

2.Prohibiting preferred positioning and misuse of rights

3.Adhering to the Competition Law

4.Providing accurate information on products and services

5.Valuing intellectual property

6.Proper management of exports and imports

7.Information disclosure

8.Eradicating antisocial forces

Ⅴ.Information Security

Adhering to the Basic Principles on Information Security and Information Security Policy

Ⅵ.Social Action

Making efforts to reduce the use of resources and help preserve the global environment, while also proactively moving ahead with viable social action programs.

Corporate Creed and General Principles on the Environment and Quality

Corporate Creed

KOIKE SANGYO is striving to be a "key" trading company in society through our initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction, and also preserve and improve the global environment. We will realize this by providing safe and good quality products that are also eco-friendly.

Integrated Principles on the Environment and Quality

We will adhere to the following basic principles in all our business activities and endeavor to reduce their environmental load, as well as prevent pollution and maintain the quality of our products and services.

  1. 1.Adhering to laws, regulations and other requirements

    We will adhere to the laws, regulations, ordinances, agreements and commitments made to customers, and etc., in relation to the environment and quality.

  2. 2.Striving to continually reduce the environmental load of our business activities, preventing pollution and preserving the environment. Also aiming for less quality-related claims, and alleviating and managing corporate risk while conducting eco-friendly business operations.

    1)Reducing the use of our principal energy sources of electricity and gasoline

    2)Recycling used/discarded paper, etc., and generating less industrial waste

    3)Setting up an emergency-response system and preventing the dispersion of toxic substances, and also properly managing chemicals by minimizing toxic substances being generated during an emergency.

    4)Ensuring the stable supply of products that meet all requirements, and maintaining quality to achieve zero claims.

    5)Adhering to our Information Security Policy to prevent any leakage of personal and confidential information, and working to alleviate corporate risk.

  3. 3.Continuously Enhancing the Validity of our Integrated Management System

    1)Conducting regular audits to maintain and enhance our integrated management system.

    2)Holding regular training for all relevant parties to make them more environmentally-conscious and quality-aware, and enhancing their knowledge and skills through education and awareness-building activities.

  4. 4.Disclosing and Communicating Information on our Integrated Management System

    1)Ensuring all relevant parties are fully aware of our integrated principles.

    2)Disclosing our integrated principles to external parties as well.

    3)Recognizing our mission as a trading company and ensuring smooth communication with relevant authorities, local residents and customers, while also striving to improve the environment and the quality of our goods and services.

ISO9001 Certified in 2015

October 1, 2017KOIKE SANGYO, INC
President and CEO Yukichika Koike