Product Overview

Lineup of KOIKE SANGYO Products

KOIKE SANGYO deals in numerous materials as a trading company specializing in chemicals.
These include electronic materials, Chemicals / Cosmetics, synthetic resins, functional materials, battery materials, and etc.

  • Electronic MaterialsElectronic Materials

  • ChemicalsChemicalsCosmetics

  • Synthetic ResinsSynthetic Resins

  • Functional MaterialsFunctional Materials

  • Battery MaterialsBattery Materials

Electronic MaterialsElectronic Materials

We primarily handle high purity chemicals used in semiconductors, liquid crystals, solar cells, printed circuit boards, as well as mounting materials.

  • Materials for semiconductors, displays, electronic components and solar cellsmoreMaterials for semiconductors, displays, electronic components and solar cells
  • Devices for semiconductors and displaysmoreDevices for semiconductors and displays
  • Filters and molded componentsmoreFilters and molded components
  • Materials and devices for printed circuitsmoreMaterials and devices for printed circuits
  • Newly developed materialsmoreNewly developed materials

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Chemicals / CosmeticsChemicals / Cosmetics

KOIKE SANGYO has always primarily dealt in a wide range of products for the chemical industry, including organic and inorganic chemicals. In addition, we handle the cosmetics material.

  • Organic and inorganic chemicals for industrymoreOrganic and inorganic chemicals for industry
  • Materials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodmoreMaterials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food
  • Painting materialsmorePainting materials
  • AdhesivesmoreAdhesives

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Synthetic ResinsSynthetic Resins

Our resin materials include general-purpose resins, functional resins from engineering plastics, elastomers and eco-friendly products, as well as other resins and various emulsions.

  • Synthetic resin materialsmoreSynthetic resin materials
  • Functional resinsmoreFunctional resins
  • Other resinsmoreOther resins
  • Various emulsionsmoreVarious emulsions

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Functional MaterialsFunctional Materials

KOIKE SANGYO mainly handles silicone, fluorine, chloroprene, EPT and other such materials, and also adhesives, mold lubricants, REFRASIL® silica-based insulation and heat-resistant materials, and etc.

  • Rubber productsmoreRubber products
  • High-functional productsmoreHigh-functional products
  • AdhesivesmoreAdhesives
  • Insulation and heat-resistant materials, construction materialsmoreInsulation and heat-resistant materials, construction materials

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Battery MaterialsBattery Materials

We deal in a wide range of batteries from primary cells such as alkaline-manganese dry batteries to secondary cells such as lithium ion and nickel-metal hydride(NiMH) batteries, and etc.

  • Positive/negative electrodes, electrolytesmorePositive/negative electrodes, electrolytes
  • Various additives (binders, thickeners, etc.)moreVarious additives
    (binders, thickeners, etc.)
  • SeparatorsmoreSeparators
  • Sealants, insulating partsmoreSealants, insulating parts
  • OthersmoreOthers

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